ON ARRIVAL: Party host meets Santa with a wrapped gift for each child from their parents. All gifts combined should be in a 30 gallon disposible trash bag and clearly identified by name. Host and Santa slide the disposable bag into Santa's "Magical Green Gift Bag." Host returns inside. Santa waits a couple of minutes before "arriving."


Jingling Sleigh Bells, Santa enters through the front door, the children hear the sleigh bells, then they see Santa with his toy pack over his shoulder! Have a Camera Ready! The excited children, their shouts of joy, the laughter, the wide bright eyes, the looks on those little faces, this is TRULY PRICELESS! These parties are designed and planned to provide the complete magical Santa experience for the children. Santa explains to the children he is visiting early, because they have been especially good this year. Opening the Magical Green Gift Bag, Santa pulls out a wrapped gift, (provided by the host) and calls out that child's name. Santa gives each child their gift, as each child's parent or a designated photographer takes their photo.

Extra time may be included for group photos, siblings, families, friends, neighbors and all the children! After all the photos have been taken and the magic is slipping away, it is time for Santa's exit to a chorus or two of "Jingle Bells" or another children's favorite Christmas song.